Warriors Ep 1
Affiliation Hypnobrai
Weapon Varies
Rank N/A
Status Varies

Warriors are the second highest ranking of the Hypnobrai tribe, next to the general. However, they are the least common of the Hypnobrai among the ranks, only appearing in multiples for one scene in the first episode and briefly during a shot in the second episode. After Skales becomes the new general of the tribe, only a single warrior clone design (perhaps Slithraa) is seen again for a brief cameo.


Next to the general, the warriors are the most snake-like of the Hypnobrai, having much larger cobra hoods and snake-like features compared to the scouts and soldiers. Their colors are primary dark blue, yellow, and dark grey. Aside from the general, the warriors have the most yellow markings of all the Hypnobrai, with it being the dominate color of their underbellies and the markings on top of their heads. On either side of their yellow underbelly scales, they have black spiral markings. Their underbelly scales are outlined in dark grey, and the dark grey outline also has more spiral-like markings incorporated into it. The warriors also have small dark grey scale-like markings on their heads, torsos, and legs. Under their hoods, the warriors have large dark grey spiral markings. Contrary to the complex markings and design of the rest of their bodies, their arms are completely dark grey. Along with the general, the warriors have the largest eyes of all the Hypnobrai. Like the soldiers, the warriors also have black markings under their eyes.