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The Queen Cobra is a war ship of the Hypnobrai tribe. It is made entirely from ice and was created from chunks of ice from the ice caves of the Hypnobrai tomb. The Queen Cobra was to appear in a fan fiction story to be posted on LEGO Minifigures Showcase by Chakor Channing in mid 2012. Alas, the ship was not to be made into a physical LEGO brick model for another three years. The first rough prototype of the ship was built in May 2015. Due to removal of the ability to post written content on Minifigures Showcase, The Queen Cobra will likely not be featured in a story on Showcase and will instead likely be used in a series of pictures or a stop motion video.



The Queen Cobra is mostly made from ice with several stone cast statues in places for decoration. The Queen Cobra has a figurehead which depicts Slithraa holding the Golden Hypnobrai Staff. The back window is made from ice as well, only it is transparent while the main ship is made from solid white ice. Lanterns are placed in many places around the ship and they are lit with a blue flame created by Slizzer so that it does not create heat that melts the ship. There are also many icicles covering the ship. The sails of The Queen Cobra are black, indicating that they may have been stolen from another ship.


The Queen Cobra has only three forms of defense against other ships and enemies. It features six cannons that fire beams of blue "hypno-energy". Like The Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean films, The Queen Cobra can sink itself into the water and still operate as a means of making surprise attacks on enemies. The Serpentine have had to train themselves to hold their breathes for long periods of time because of this.




  • The Queen Cobra was specifically inspired by The Flying Dutchman from the Pirates of the Caribbean films.
  • Originally, The Queen Cobra was not intended to be made from ice. Instead, it would have been made from mostly earth blue bricks to match the primary skin color of the Hypnobrai. This idea did not work out due to the lack of earth blue brick quantities made by LEGO and the remaining choice of color scheme.