Two Mezmo Ep 2
Affiliation Hypnobrai
Weapon Varies
Rank N/A
Status Varies

Soldiers are in the middle of the ranks of the Hypnobrai, higher than the scouts and lower than the warriors. They also appear to be the most common of the Hypnobrai, and the Serpentine in general.


The soldiers are more snake-like than the scouts. They are mostly dark blue in color with light grey arms, dark grey hands, light grey markings on their underbellies and on the top of their heads, some small yellow markings, and dark blue cobra-like heads. Like all Hypnobrai, the soldiers have spiral markings, which are incorporated into the outline of their underbellies. They have black markings under their hoods and their eyes. Their fangs are relatively large, perhaps even larger than the warriors and the general. On the contrary, however, their glowing red eyes are smaller than the warriors and the general.