Affiliation Hypnobrai
Weapon Golden Hypnobrai Staff
Golden Blade
Rank General (formerly)
Status Alive

Slithraa is a warrior of the Hypnobrai tribe and formerly general after falling to Skales.


Slithraa was the original general of the Hypnobrai tribe. When Lloyd Garmadon stumbled upon the Hypnobrai tomb and opened it, Slithraa attempted to hypnotize the child. However, Slithraa ended up accidentally hypnotizing himself by staring into his own reflection in the ice caves. This allowed Lloyd to control Slithraa, and, in turn, the entire Hypnobrai tribe.

Lloyd later ordered the Hypnobrai to raid Jamanakai Village for its candy and sweets, where Slithraa and the Hypnobrai hypnotized the entire village into doing their bidding. Skales remarked how raiding the village for candy made no sense, only for Slithraa to retort by reminding Skales that he was in charge because he held the staff. The Ninja eventually arrived at the village, where Slithraa ordered the Hypnobrai to seize them. The Ninja eventually overcame the Hypnobrai, which prompted Lloyd to order a retreat. During the retreat, Slithraa bumped into the ninja Cole, who took the Hypnobrai staff from him.

Slithraa and the Hypnobrai returned to their tomb, where Skales questioned his loyalty to Lloyd. Slithraa then declared that he was still the general of the tribe, even though he no longer had the staff, and ordered Skales to stand down. Bio

"The original keeper of the magic Hypnobrai staff and head of the Hypnobrai tribe."

"After his attempt to hypnotize Lloyd in the ice cave backfires and leaves Slithraa in Lloyd’s control, his authority is drawn into serious question."

"However, Slithraa seems content to lead the Hypnobrai into Lloyd’s battles for sugar and ultimate bad boyhood. After all, Lloyd released them from the ice cave, and no one would ever dare challenge him as long as he still holds the Staff."