Affiliation Hypnobrai
Weapon None
Rank None
Status Alive

Selma is the wife of Skales and the mother of Skales Jr.. She appears in the 2014 season of Ninjago, which, like Skales Jr., is the first appearance of the character. Selma is extremely similar to Mezmo and the other Hypnobrai soldiers in appearance, only she has pink in place of Mezmo's earth blue and a necklace.


  • Selma's necklace is a similar concept to Slizzer's locket, which she wears around her neck, in fan fiction stories created by Chakor Channing on Minifigures Showcase in early 2012. It is possible that LEGO was inspired by these stories and thus Selma's necklace. Slizzer is the only daughter of Skales in the fan fiction universe and her character does not exist in the official LEGO Ninjago universe.