Skales Ep 1

Skales hypnotizing Cole.

Hypnotism is the unique power of the Hypnobrai Serpentine tribe, as well as their namesake. A Hypnobrai can hypnotize a victim by forcing them to look into their eyes as the Hypnobrai gives their commands. The hypnotism can be "deactivated" and "activated" by the Hypnobrai whom hypnotized their victim, giving them complete control. This also allows the Hypnobrai to see through their victim's eyes. The only cure for the Hypnobrai's hypnotism is the anti-venom inside the Hypnobrai staff.


During the Serpentine wars, it is possible that the Hypnobrai used these powers against other Serpentine tribes.

When Lloyd Garmadon opened the Hypnobrai tomb, Slithraa found him and attempted to hypnotize the boy. However, Slithraa ended up accidentally hypnotizing himself by looking into his own reflection in the ice caves. This allowed Lloyd to control Slithraa, and, in turn, the entire Hypnobrai tribe. Lloyd later ordered the Hypnobrai to raid Jamanakai Village for its candy and sweets, where Slithraa used his powers to hypnotize the entire village into doing his tribe's bidding. When the Ninja arrived, Skales eventually encountered the Ninja named Cole, who he successfully hypnotized.

When Lloyd ordered the Hypnobrai to build a tree house "fortress" for him, Skales was seen talking to Rattla, showing him that he had hypnotized Cole through his vision. When the Ninja actually arrived and attempted to bring down the fortress, Skales activated his hypnotism and forced Cole to fight the other Ninja. When Skales challenged Slithraa to a Slither Pit fight for control of the tribe, Slithraa attempted to use his hypnotism powers against Skales.

When Pythor united all four of the Serpentine tribes and collected the Four Silver Fang Blades to unleash the Great Devourer, the Ninja attempted to take the blades, where Skales and his tribe attempted to hypnotize the Ninja Kai.

When Lord Garmadon sent the Serpentine to stop the Ninja from winning the Ninjaball Run, Rattla attempted to hypnotize the Ninja Zane.


  • It should be noted that after the second season of the Ninjago animated series, the Hypnobrai have never once used these powers since. It is possible that the Serpentine vowed not to use their powers following their reform.