Artwork of the Hypnobrai.

The Hypnobrai are one of the five tribes of Serpentine. Their unique power is hypnotism, which they use to manipulate people into working for them. Their current general is Skales. Although the Hypnobrai have no direct connection to any specific element in the Ninjago animated series, the dominate element on their Spinjitzu cards is ice.


The Hypnobrai were one of the five tribes of Serpentine that fought against each other during the Serpentine War. They were enemies of the Fangpyre, presumably due to their general's dislike for them. The Hypnobrai, as well as the rest of the Serpentine tribes, were eventually locked away in a tomb of ice caves by the people of Ninjago. The Hypnobrai were locked away for centuries, until Lloyd Garmadon stumbled upon their tomb and opened it. Slithraa, the general, attempted to hypnotize Lloyd, but instead accidentally hypnotized himself by staring into his own reflection in the ice caves, which allowed Lloyd to control Slithraa, and, in turn, the entire Hypnobrai tribe.

Lloyd later ordered the Hypnobrai to raid Jamanakai Village for its candy and sweets, which most of the other Hypnobrai found questionable. When the Ninja finally arrived, the Hypnobrai proved themselves extremely dangerous opponents, as they had hypnotized the entire village into doing their bidding. However, the Ninja eventually rose up against them, which prompted Lloyd to order a retreat. During the retreat, Slithraa bumped into Cole, who took the Hypnobrai Staff from him.


The Hypnobrai resemble a common cobra. They are mostly dark blue with streaks of light gray and yellow. Their eyes glow red and the scouts, such as Rattla, have more light gray than dark blue. There eyes are always glowing red even when they are not hypnotizing anything and have black trim around their eyes, which varies in appearance depending on rank.


  • Skales (general and currently king of the entire Serpentine)


  • Slizzer (Skales' daughter and current ruler of the Serpentine)
  • Starlight (soldier and alien turned Hypnobrai)