Hypnobrai Staff

The Golden Hypnobrai Staff is the symbol of leadership of the Hypnobrai tribe. The staff holds a vial of anti-venom that can cure the hypnotic powers of the Hypnobrai. It is also the most common of the snake staffs to appear in the 2012 LEGO Ninjago sets.


Slithraa was the original general of the tribe and keeper of the staff. When the Hypnobrai were freed from their tomb by Lloyd Garmadon, Slithraa accidentally hypnotized himself and fell under Lloyd's control. During a raid on Jamanakai Village ordered by Lloyd, Slithraa lost his staff to the Ninja Cole. The Ninja used the anti-venom in the staff to cure the citizens of the village, who had been hypnotized by the Hypnobrai. With Slithraa no longer holding the staff, Skales began a plot to overthrow him.

Lloyd later ordered the Hypnobrai to build a tree house fortress, which was eventually destroyed by the Ninja. With their monastery left unguarded, Skales used this opportunity to take back the staff. When the Hypnobrai returned to their tomb, Slithraa ordered Skales to return the staff, but Skales refused and challenged Slithraa to a Slither Pit battle, the winner of which would become the general of the tribe. Skales eventually won the battle, and became the new keeper of the staff.

When Pythor united all four of the Serpentine tribes under his rule, he used the anti-venom in all five of the staffs to reveal the locations of the Four Silver Fang Blades, which he would use to awaken the Great Devourer.

The Hypnobrai staff has not been seen in the Ninjago animated series since episode 21.