Slithraa Ep 1-1
Affiliation Hypnobrai
Weapon Golden Hypnobrai Staff
Rank N/A
Status Alive

General is the highest rank among the Hypnobrai tribe, and can only be given to one individual. Although it is presumed that the other Serpentine tribes could have had other generals at one point, the Hypnobrai are the only one of the five tribes known to have had two different generals. Slithraa was presumably the first general of the Hypnobrai. When Lloyd Garmadon stumbled upon the Hypnobrai tomb, Slithraa attempted to hypnotize the boy, only to accidentally hypnotize himself by looking at his own reflection in the ice caves. With Lloyd now able to control Slithraa and, in turn, the entire tribe, the Hypnobrai began to question their current general's authority. This eventually led to a Slither Pit battle between Slithraa and his second-in-command Skales, a fight which the latter won and earned the title of general.


The general is the most snake-like of all the Hypnobrai. As with the other Serpentine generals, the Hypnobrai general has a large snake tail in place of legs. The general's skin color primarily consists of dark blue, yellow, white, and black.

The general has a head similar to the warriors, only with yellow spiral markings under the hood in place of gray markings and more yellow spiral markings on top of the head. Several small light gray markings can be seen alongside the spiral markings that run from the top of the general's head and down to the back. Like the warriors, the general has black markings around the eyes. However, unlike the warriors, these markings form the shape of an open snake eye when the eye lids are closed; a feature that is unique to the general. Like the warriors, the general has two large fangs.

The general has white underbelly scales outlined in black and more yellow spiral markings. This underbelly scale pattern runs from the top of the general's torso to the bottom of the tail, and is also accompanied by more small dark gray markings. The general's arms are dark blue with dark gray hands.